The Tech Tour Software Development Process


Our firm’s software development process has received a lot of attention in recent years. Clients are often amazed at how seamless and fast each of our unique processes is. But don’t let quickness fool you. We never sacrifice quality for speed. All our development processes begin with a specific plan. And we don’t rest until that plan turns into amazing, first-rate software. There are many software development processes that we use. It all depends on the vision, needs, and goals of each client. Below is a brief example of a common process that our team uses.



Software Development Process 1/7: The Planning Stage



Every piece of high-quality software begins as nothing more than a plan. Well, good thing our development team’s composed of planning experts. They convert the requests of a client or stakeholder into a series of unique actions. This involves focusing on alignment. Alignment refers to a project connecting with your long-term goals. Our team also considers what resources they need and how to secure them. This helps us determine which tools must get used during the development process. Next, we estimate the cost and create a schedule. The plan will tell you what will get built, why, and how we’re going to do it.



Software Development Process 2/7: Requirements



Software development projects have many technical requirements. The Tech Tour team ensures that all requirements become realized. This way, we can create software that solves the problems of your customers. This applies to software apps, programs, website re-designs, and new features. Our team will ask questions like these. “What problem are we solving?” “What kind of output and data’s needed?” “Will we need to integrate with APIs or certain tools?” Once we answer questions like these, we can move on to the next phase.


Software Development Process 3/7: The Design Phase


This software development phase is where our team can conduct prototyping operations. This means they will design how the software appears and how it operates. The aesthetics will come later. This phase is about making your software function as close to perfect as we can. We often use advanced tools like InVision and Marvel during the design phase. They help us create working prototypes that our team members can begin testing out.


Software Development Process 4/7: Development


Our software developers have already created design and basic functions. This means they can now focus on developing the software’s features. And they will do so while adhering to each client’s requirements. Sure, this step is the most difficult. But it’s also the most rewarding. That’s because our developers start to see their clients’ impressive visions come to life. And our team won’t rest until the most efficient and clean software on the planet gets put in place.


Software Development Process 5/7: The Testing Phase


All software development processes depend on a lot of testing. And our firm’s processes are no exception. In fact, we do more software testing than any of our competitors. Why? Because we want to make sure that every feature is 110% complete. Plus, our mission is to do away with every single bug and error. At this stage, we often release the software to a group of beta testers. But we don’t take their word for it. We also use UX tools to learn how users will use the software.


Software Development Process 6/7: Deployment


This is our software developer’s team favorite step. Why? Because our clients’ visions have become a reality. All the coding and other tasks have paid off. We have launched software that will benefit a large group of people. And we’re ready to help you push your product into production. In fact, our firm can even help you come up with a go-to-market strategy. But our mission is not complete once deployment day arrives. We will now provide…


Software Development Process 7/7: Maintenance & Updates


Our software development processes are not a lifestyle. Instead, they are a “lifecycle.” This means that we want to keep your software up-and-running for years to come. That’s why we provide routine maintenance and regular updates. We intend on the lifecycle of our clients’ software products lasting a long time. Post-launch might seem like the end of the process for other firms. But it’s only the beginning for us. Our team will add new features and put new functions in place. This will keep your customers engaged with your software. Remember- the basic upkeep of your software is in great hands with Tech Tour Consulting.